Wayne always gets what he wants

Like we predicted yesterday, now that Wayne Rooney’s trysts with prostitute Jenny Thompson have been made public, everyone and anyone who’s been propositioned by the England striker is going to come crawling out of the woodwork, presumably for a few quid off the tabloids.

So it goes with British Airways stewardess Rebecca Haynes, who claims she was the target of Rooney’s smooth moves on his stag do. She claims that he started chatting her up while on the lash in the Eden nightclub in San Antonio, Ibiza, and when she turned down the opportunity to go back to his villa he dispatched a friend of his to tell her ‘Wayne always gets what he wants.’ Classy.

‘He was not used to being told no and he couldn’t believe I would not want to go home with him,' she said to the Mirror. 'I knew exactly what he wanted but I stuck to my guns and said no. He was being really flirty. I said no but he just looked really confused as though he hadn’t heard that word in a very long time.

‘(A man came over and) said, ‘Wayne wants you to come back to the villa and he always gets what he wants so you need to come.’ I said no again and started walking off. It’s as if Wayne is king and he always gets what he wants.

‘I then saw two big black people-carriers and Wayne popped his head out of the window. He said to me, ‘You two are coming.’ But we carried on walking. I then saw a group of girls come running over. They said that if we weren’t going, they would, so they jumped in the car with them and they drove back.’

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