Water brings Thriller to life

If you thought those Filipino inmates dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller was good, then you’ll love this.  Used to walking up and down the catwalk, Naomi Campbell has decided to get on the Thriller bandwagon and show us her take on the scary moves.

Naomi struts her stuff with a team of animated lizards as her backup dancers. Why lizards we don’t really know, but it’s funny, if a little bit weird. But what is this thrilling reptile-fest in aid of?

Well, Miss Campbell is busting a move to advertise Sobe Life Water, which at just 40 calories and bursting with vitamins and minerals, is probably what Naomi and her model pals have been living on for the past ten years. That and diet coke – you know, to keep things interesting…
So watch Naomi getting down with her lizard friends and maybe go out and get some Sobe Life Water. We think we’ll stick to the whisky though…

(Image: from YouTube)

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