Watch out Wagner!

X Factor buffoon Wagner may have to face the wrath of a the Tory’s benefit investigators after it was alleged that he had lied on order to claim benefits. It’s even caught the eye of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith. Naughty boy, Waggers.

Duncan Smith had been alerted to Wagner’s case by those investigating his claims for incapacity benefit, for which he claimed for on the basis of having a frozen shoulder. Anyone who watched his wacky performances on The X Factor will know that just about none of him was frozen, at any point on the show.

‘One of the people on his case noticed he was leaping in the air with his arms above him when I am told that he had a frozen shoulder,’ said Duncan-Smith. ‘Frozen shoulders tend to mean that you can't have your arm in the air - it's impossible.

‘I suspect he will be asked to explain why he was on benefits in the first place. It illustrates the biggest problem we have.’ What, bigger than the billions of pounds of tax the super-rich and big corporations are avoiding? Righto.

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