Watch Out Jake!

As if 2 days of extreme survival with Bear Grylls in the Icelandic wilderness hadn’t lent Jake Gyllenhaal’s life enough edge, the Hollywood star found himself an unwitting witness to a L.A gang shooting late on Wednesday night.

Actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena were researching their upcoming roles for a police drama ‘End of Watch’ (due for release in 2013) when police escort Sgt. Tammy Bowen was called to Van Ness Park in South Los Angeles following a gang shooting, the Los Angeles Times reports.

It seems as if the two actors who will play two longtime LAPD partners got more than they bargained for when their police ride-along led them to the aftermath of a real-life shooting. The victim, who refused to cooperate with the authorities, was shot in the lip and arm and is currently being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. There are currently no identified suspects in the case.

Officials stated: ‘The shooting was of particular concern because the park where it occurred is popular with families and residents.’ And, of course, we need to be assured of Jake Gyllenhaal’s well-being. It’s for the good of humanity!

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