Wasted phone call!

Come on, be honest, how many phone calls did you make to keep Stacey Solomon in the jungle? Was it one, per episode? Maybe a few more? Well, we can tell you that from day one the lovable lass from Essex was a shoe-in to win.

I’m A Celeb this year was an unmitigated triumph. For the first time since it started every so-called celebrity was actually a celebrity (ignoring that Aggro bloke, obvs) and there was a fine mix of them too. As well as being a viewer’s winner it also fared well in the ratings with its biggest audience for the shows ever. An all round triumph! ITV have just released how many of the public votes each celeb got, and from day one Stacey Solomon was always going to win.

Here are the top 6...

Top Six
Aggro Santos - 3.22% - Eliminated
Kayla Collins - 5.32%
Dom Joly - 5.93%
Jenny Eclair - 6.05%
Shaun Ryder - 16.48%
Stacey Solomon - 63.0%

Top Five
Kayla Collins - 3.99% - Eliminated
Dom Joly - 4.21%
Jenny Eclair - 6.44%
Shaun Ryder - 18.73%
Stacey Solomon - 66.64%

Top Four
Dom Joly - 3.92% - Eliminated
Jenny Eclair - 6.28%
Shaun Ryder - 15.70%
Stacey Solomon - 74.08%

Top Three
Jenny Eclair - 4.36% - Eliminated
Shaun Ryder - 16.97%
Stacey Solomon - 78.67%

Final Two
Shaun Ryder - 19.93%
Stacey Solomon - 80.07% - Winner

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