Warney old goat

The romance between Liz Hurley and Shane Warne seems to be hotting up, with Shane moving to the UK in order to hang out with the posh filly. Unfortunately, Shane seems to be under the impression that they're a sexy couple, and that the general public are desperate to hear about what the pair get up to behind locked doors. We can assure you Shane; we don't want to know, ta.

Shane told The Sun that his favourite film is Austin Powers, 'The movie was very good, so maybe next time I go over to London I will ask her to wear that tight uniform. She's a lovely lady. We get on really well and I'm spending a lot of time in England this summer, working for Sky. We'll wait and see what happens between Liz and I - but at the moment things are great.'

Ew, we now have many images running through our mind, that we'd rather not have. Thanks Shane...

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