War of the Ritchies - Madonna and Guy to split?

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are living virtually 'separate lives' as their 7 year marriage hangs in the balance.

Guy's taken shelter in one wing of the mansion and Madge in the other - their only communication a series of post-it-notes left during midnight fridge raids. If Madge could find the keys to the garage she'd smash up his car. And if Guy could get to her beloved cat, he'd put it in a pot and boil it for dinner. Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner eat your hearts out!

Pals of the tumultuous pair say the marriage is a virtual carcuss - and that its only a matter of weeks till Madge packs up with the three kids and heads back to New York. The Queen of Pop's blood has been boiling at recent Ritchie insolence - including having to turn up to high profile events like her Rock n Roll Hall of Fame dinner, and Raising Malawi fundraiser, alone. And looks like Ritchie may finally have run out of fight.

Funnily enough, the Madonna - Ritchie union was one we always thought might last. Guy seemed just the no nonsense candidate needed to keep spirited Madge in line. And much as we might have slagged off her tracksuits and flat caps, we've always secretly enjoyed seeing the Material Girl sinking a pint of ale down a London boozer.
Sort it out Guy and Madge - we're oddly fond you together!

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