Want to own a piece of ‘History’?

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia then this will definitely interest you. Unfortunately it will also cost you a little bit in piggy bank savings - £18.1m to be exact. *grabs crotch*.

The Los Angeles home Wacko died in last year has been put on the market for $28,995,000. The French style chateau has seven bedrooms spread over three floors, 13 bathrooms, 13 fireplaces, a heated swimming pool, a cinema, a gym, a spa, a lift and 1.25 acres of land. Sadly it doesn't come with a working theme park; that only comes with the late singer’s Neverland Ranch.

And before you think about calling up the estate agent to have a cheeky free tour of the mansion the agents have said they will be doing an ‘extensive pre-qualifying check’ on all potential buyers.

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