Wandering hands

Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 20-year affair with his maid has been exposed, it’s time for all of his dirty laundry to be aired: Just about anyone who’s paid any attention to the showbiz world over the same period has heard at least one story of Arnie groping people and sexually harrassing them; the tales are legion. But trying it on with the sister and mother of your mistress? Surely not.

Apparently so, or at least that’s the case if you listen to a source close to the Baena family. This is clearly someone who likes to take their chances – Mildred’s mum Evelyn is now 76 years old. That’s a serious level of dedication to keeping your wandering hands in tip-top condition.

‘He would touch all their backsides while they were doing the housework,’ said the source. ‘Mildred told me this once. He flirted with all of them, even the mother who would have been much older than him - she's 76 now.’

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