Waissel this then?

Last week's show was hailed as the 'best XFactor performances, ever' by none other than little Louis Walsh, and Katie Waissel was given thumbs up all round by the judges, the reality show hopeful is still on the verge of quitting, convinced that the public hates her.

I’ve had Katie sobbing on the phone to me every night,’ her father Maurice said this week. ‘She’s had death threats sent to her over the internet, and we’ve had to ask the police to intervene. Only the other night, Katie said to me: 'Dad, what’s the point in going on if everyone hates me. Let’s face it, X Factor has become a ­circus where only the strongest survive.’

Katie’s friend Gabi Dee told the paper, ‘People assume she can take all the criticism because she comes across as so strong - but she is still just an ordinary girl. It hurts her. She feels hated, even though she feels she’s done nothing wrong.'

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