Waissel this about?

XFactor hopeful Katie Waissel (the fairly annoying one who dressed up as Madonna at her first audition, and is now working a Florence Welch Mk 2 look) was certainly feeling the heat just before the sing offs on Sunday. The last straw was apparently a zealous stylist trying to cram a 'quirky' crown on her head just before she went on stage to sing for her supper.

A source told The Mirror, 'This is a joke. I don’t want to wear it. You can’t make me wear this shit. Stop making me do all this. Let me just sing, be me. I want it to be about my voice, not this shit you’re making me wear. I look ridiculous.'

Meanwhile, Katie's mum admitted,'She may come across as annoying, but she just wants to stand out.' If your own mother lets slip that you're a bit of a pain, then you're in trouble...

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