Wagner wager

It seems that the reality telly viewing public have hit upon a crazy scheme to sabotage two of the schedules biggest hitters – X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

Website votefortheworst.com has got behind the campaign to make sure ‘wacky’ Brazilian Wagner wins the honours on Simon Cowell’s pop talent vacuum, as well as trying to help Anne ‘two left feet’ Widdicombe scoop top spot on the extremely irritating celebrity dance spectacular. Both campaigns suffer from the same problem, of course: if you’re still watching them, they’re still getting good ratings and if you pay money to vote on the contestants you are helping them stay on air. As campaigns go, they have to be the dopiest ever.

Simon Cowell is of course well aware of this, and if secretly rubbing his hands with glee at the lovely money that’s rolling in, despite his public declarations about him leaving the country is Wagner wins. ‘Simon is laughing all the way to the bank,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘It's not about music, it's about TV. Wagner is pulling in ratings, which are huge. And that's where the money is.’

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