Wagner to win?

The campaign to push XFactor's Wagner to the winner's rostrum has stepped up a gear, with bookies now slashing their odds on the Brazilian tone-deaf crooner to beat Matt, Cher et al. While at the start of the show, Wagner was 100-1, his odds have been cut by 10%, thanks to leaked voting figures that demonstrate he is consistently in the top half, rather than merely scraping by.

A spokesman for the 'Rage Against The X Factor' group told The Daily Mail, 'We are fed up with Simon Cowell spoon-feeding us these karaoke pub singers every festive season, and basically filling the charts with these puppets who couldn't play an instrument between them. We have nothing against these people trying to etch out a career in the business, but they are given an unfair advantage against decent young bands - who actually can play instruments - by Cowell.'

While a William Hill bod said, 'The X Factor version of Marmite is really dividing opinion among fans and judges. He is fourth favourite to win the show while also being the second favourite to be booted off. He is proving quite an anomaly and nobody quite knows what will happen each week.'

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