As a celebrity, you know when you've hit rock bottom, when D-listers well below your pay grade start giving you advice through the medium of tabloid weeklies. Poor Abbey Clancey has become that celeb. This week, Danielle Lloyd, the WAG who made a disastrous bid for fame in the Big Brother house, has written a column advising Abbey to ditch her philandering fiance.

Danielle wrote in her 'Reveal' column, 'I feel so sorry for her - getting cheated on is bad enough, but it's worse if your man pays a prostitute for sex.If I was in Abbey's situation I'd dump him. In fact, I'd probably chop his b**** off, then dump him! If she takes Peter back she'll be constantly worrying about where he is and who he's seeing, and that's no way to live.'

'Abbey could do much better. She's a gorgeous girl and her career's going really well, so she doesn't need Peter financially, and they have no kids to complicate things. I saw Abbey a few weeks ago. She was cooing over my baby bump and saying how well I looked. It's so sad and a complete surprise.'

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