Vinnie snubs Fiddy

Er, Vinnie, didn't you already promise to open a pub chain with a certain someone across the pond? Clue: a cuddly old cat who's been shot more times than we've had hot dinners....

Yes, you might remember that 50 Cent and Vinnie had a verbal agreement of sorts to open a chain of pubs. Or rather, Fiddy thought up the pet project and put the feelers out by announcing his intentions to The Sun.

Well, it seems Vinnie didn't bother picking up a copy of the tabloid that day. Fiddy - in case you're reading - Vinnie's planning on opening his own chain of pubs with Saaf Landan pal Jason Statham. Not only that, they're doing it on your patch. Ave it.

Vinne told The Sun about his grand designs: 'me and Jay have been talking about it for about a year. We were thinking The Snatch Bar or something like that down in Santa Monica. We're going to do it, it's just a question of us finding the time.'

That sounds like fighting talk to us. Can Fiddy survive the rejection?

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