Vin Diesel tipped as next Terminator

They (Hollywood) are making Terminator 4 and are on the look out for a new lead to play the robot. We think Vin Diesel would make a great Terminator. He’s the perfect candidate for the role – he’s built like a brick out-house, he’s monosyllabic and he can hold his own in the stunts and grunts department. 

But who else could be a contender?

WWF beefcake, The Rock? He’s rumoured to be in the frame but we actually think he’s too big.

Maybe the producers should consider Jason ‘Transporter’ Statham? Or is he too small and way too erudite?

Our outside tip is the Special One, Jose Mourinho. All he has to do is bulk up a little. Can you imagine? A philosophical Terminator, totally convinced of his invincibility and buff. The male-oriented film franchise could attract a whole new female audience with him in the lead role.

Any suggestions for the next Terminator?

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