VideOMG and your viewing preferences

Net geeks just can’t resist using the word "engine". It makes their keyboard manipulation of digital data seem that little bit closer to the sexy old world of big oily machinery. Search engines are now making way for "discovery engines", which make use of your past likes and tastes to offer informed recommendations and suggestions.

This technology is particularly important for social TV technology like that offered by VideOMG. Recognising a user’s tastes, their likes and dislikes, allows a picture to build up of their ideal channel, and the movies and TV shows they, and their cirtcle of friends and contacts, will enjoy.

This kind of process can be done with collaborative filtering similar to that used on a site like Amazon, where the user ticks boxes to define their tastes and preferences. This can operate effectively on a basic level, but isn’t the most refined process.

A site like Jinni has what it calls a "taste engine". Not content with that piece of jargon, they also offer a "movie genome" that assesses films on mood, style, setting, cast etc. They gradually build up a complex picture of what users like.

VideOMG’s "engine" uses a tighter focus, offering recommendations based on topics and emotional themes. This has the advantage of staying close to a user’s identified preferences initially, until a broader and more complex portrait of their tastes emerges with time. The social aspect of videOMG accelerates this process, offering the chance for users to share their recommendations and latest discoveries.

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