Victoria Beckham wears gloves and socks to bed

There are great many things that would be sexy to wear in bed; tiny crotchless pants made of chocolate, nipple tassles, a birthday suit etc etc - and there are a great many things which wouldn't, gloves and socks being two of them.

Well Victoria Beckham has confessed to not giving a fiddlers how unappetising she looks in the sack, preferring to don a nice thick pair of socks and gloves to bed in the evening than bother herself with any uncomfortable sexy get up.

The luxury mother has revealed that before snuggling down for the night, she lathers her feet in mud thick cream, then pulls some hiking style socks over the top to let it soak in. She also does the same for her hands, dipping her paws in cream before pulling on some elongated Driving Miss Daisy style gloves and bedding down for the night. She doesn't give a monkies how turned off Dave is because she's more concerned about the state of her hands and feet than she is about him.

“I put really thick foot lotion on with socks before I go to sleep. I also use thick hand cream with gloves at the same time. David must think I’m a loony, because I get into bed with gloves and socks on” she told The Sun. Bit of a loon? Erm. Maybe.

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