Victoria Beckham & Gordon Ramsay to set up a restaurant together

Instinctively, there are just some people you know are unsuited to a particular job.

Amy Winehouse would make a lousy air-traffic controller, and Steven Hawkings is unlikely to set the world alight as a cruise-ship singer. Liam Gallagher would be an unusual choice as British Ambassador to China and if Ulrika Johnson was to set up as a relationship councillor you can bet bookings would be scarce.

In this vein, you'd be surprised to see Posh Spice as a restaurant owner. You'd worry that if you asked her "what d'you recommend?" she'd plump for "a piece of carrot and then a finger down your throat, fatty". But, opening a restaurant is exctly what she's doing.

Luckily there are two plus points to the venture. FIrstly she's doing it in LA, where most people wouldn't be seen doing anything as gauche as actually eating in a restaurant. And secondly it's not a Posh Spice solo eaterie, she's having help from Gordon Ramsey. And while GR would make an awful horse whisperer, or an incompetent nursery school teacher, he does know a thing or two about food.

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