Vicky Pattison to quit Geordie Shore after nine memorable seasons

  • @MirrorCeleb - Twitter

After nine memorable seasons on Geordie Shore, Vicky Pattison is set to leave to the reality TV show. She announced "The rumours are true, it's the right time for me to leave Geordie Shore, the show hasn't grown up and I have."

Pattison has been on Geordie Shore since the first season aired on MTV back in the summer of 2011. She has seen it all in terms of partying hard and love triangles among the show's stars. She also underwent an amazing physical transformation during her time on the show shedding and incredible 3 stone and releasing a fitness DVD in time for last Christmas.

She also managed to release an autobiography called Nothing But The Truth earlier this year marking her undoubted popularity. She didn't seem like she will be too sad to leave her old crew behind saying "A lot of the people in the house are gonna be quite content to be 40 and still downing Jägerbombs and pulling birds. But for me that was just never an option."

Vicky also revealed that she is partly leaving because she doesn't want to be clinging onto the show and depending on it. She said "I don’t want to be like someone in The Only Way Is Essex who’s just clinging on for story lines." If you want to catch Vicky's swan song season then it begins tonight, October 28th, on MTV at 10pm.

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