Vicky and Elt's 'NFI' party

When you're a mega international celeb, used to being at the top of any guest list, it's a real kick in the teeth when you schlep across the world to attend a wedding, and find you're sitting on the back row, with the bride's fourth cousins once removed. Pity poor Vicky Beckham, and her pal Elton. Both were NFI'd to the Royal wedding parties, and had to make do with their own mini-bash, which only 12 people attended.

A friend told The Daily Mail,‘Elton served up steak and chips. It was hardly a Royal affair. The Beckhams were among 12 other guests who made up the NFI list.’

The pal continued in moaning vein, ‘To add insult to injury, Victoria had to queue outside the Abbey for an hour beforehand and she didn’t even have an allocated seat, so she had to sit at the back and watch the couple make their vows on one of the TV screens. The whole affair left a bitter taste because she’s used to being the biggest star in the room and she’s rarely left off a guest list for anything. Elton also wanted the lunch to be an unofficial baby shower for Victoria because she’s decided not to have her baby in Britain. She said this could be the last time she comes home before the baby is born in the summer.

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