Vewy bwave

Jonathan Ross is no-one’s shrinking violet, and no stranger to controversy: we all know that he has no problem making outrageous jokes at the expense of soft targets, so it’s slightly surprising to see that he doesn’t think he’d have the guts to pull off a performance like Ricky Gervais’ at the Golden Globes.

Ross said that the funnyman’s effort at the Globes was ‘brave’, but he also hinted at the secret Hollywood lacky inside, saying some of his jokes, like the one about Scientology were ‘unnecessary’. Of course they weren’t; if anything they were entirely necessary, and at harder targets than a pensioner who’s granddaughter your mate had sex with.

‘It was kind of brave, but a lot of those jokes were kind of unnecessary,’ Ross said. ‘I definitely wouldn't have gone for the Scientology joke. But you have to remember Ricky's career doesn't depend on the Golden Globes.

‘I'd say what he did will be good for him in America. Being a comedian is dependent on being brave and brutally truthful. I texted him to say well done. I couldn't have done that. Ricky has balls of steel. I'm very glad it went well.’

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