Usher's stepson declared brain dead

American R&B singer Usher's stepson has been declared brain dead after being involved in a jet ski accident on Friday of last week (July 6th). The 11 year old, Kyle Glover, was and a friend were enjoying themselves on Lake Larnier, located in Georgia when they were struck by a watercraft.

With Glover clearly in serious trouble, he was airlifted with his friend to a local hospital, and on Monday July 9th, doctors confirmed that the boy had shown no signs of brain activity since the incident.

The news will undoubtedly devastated Usher, full name Usher Raymond IV, who has just released his seventh studio album, Looking 4 Myself, and it is possible that the star may pursue a civil case against the man in control of the watercraft which struck the boy should the state of Georgia find that there is insufficient evidence for legal proceedings.

The tragedy comes amid divorce proceedings between Usher and Glover's mother, Tameka Foster, however the pair have put aside their differences to spend their time at the hospital with the boy.

In cases of severe brain damage where there is a lack of neural activity for days on end, the few lucky enough to survive the ordeal rarely regain anything like a normal life. They usually require round the clock supervision, and suffer from severe mental and physical problems.

According to American media reports, the man in control of the watercraft when the incident happened was a 38 year old family friend, however the exact circumstances leading up to the event are as yet unknown.

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