Usher gets his lock popped

Schadenfreud is an ugly emotion. Taking delight in the pain of another’s misery is one of the most low-down and dirty feelings the human race has created for itself. So hopefully God will forgive those who had a little snigger to themselves when they heard that Usher had $1million (yes, that’s one million dollars) worth of stuff nicked from his car. Why anyone would have that amount of gear in their motor is a question worth begging....

The R&B superstar was out Christmas shopping on 14 December in his home town of Atlanta when he parked his huge SUV at what the yanks call a local mall. According to an eye-witness a Chevy Impala pulled up right next to it and a greedy chap (who most likely couldn’t believe his luck) smashed the windows and pinched a load of stuff.

Along with a load of classic working-class-man-done good jewellery, which must have been worth a bomb on its own, the thief also got his hands on two laptops containing unreleased tracks from Usher's new album and $50,000 worth of furs, which every playa poppin’ his collar should have. Don’t worry though, as even Usher can afford to laugh at losing a million – his personal wealth is at least 32 times that. Sigh.

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