US X Factor seat wars

Now, any X Factor watcher worth their salt knows that for the judges, it's all about your proximity to Simon Cowell. Power trickles sideways, so if you're sitting next to him, everything you say is therefore sparkling and funny, and all your opinions are excellent. This is why Dannii went mental when Cheryl nicked her spot. And now Cole has worked her seat magic again, shoving Paula onto the end of the judging panel, and claiming her place at Cowell's side.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'The fans are angry because Cheryl is sitting next to Simon. They call Paula and Simon 'Saula' and think that Cheryl is splitting them up.' An eagle-eyed X Factor audience member tweeted, 'If you want America to love Cheryl, don't put her in between Simon & Paula. SAULA is powerful, you shouldn't split them.'

However, a PR type insisted that the US is taking Chezza to its collective hearts, saying, 'Cheryl is still proving a hit and winning over lots of fans. Paula has taken it on the chin and her and Cheryl have been ganging up on Simon and LA Reid.' And even Paula herself tweeted praise (probably through gritted teeth, with Simon standing over her Blackberry) with, ‘Gotta tell you about Cheryl - 'The Fierce' is STRONG w/ this one! :) she's lovely! xoP’ Slightly unintelligible, but you get the drift...

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