US X Factor: 'It's a massive, massive risk'

The build-up to the US X Factor launch has been masterfully managed, with us poor saps being drip fed little nuggets of non news on a daily basis. For Christ's sake, we still don't know if Cheryl's got the job, and the anticipation is killing us! Yesterday, Simon gave an interview about the new US series, pretending to be all scared that it'll be a massive flop. Ooh, he's clever, that one...

Simon told his good pals at The Sun showbiz desk, 'Putting up that kind of prize money - it's a massive, massive risk. But it's also an incredible incentive and I think it rightly puts everybody under an enormous amount of pressure. So I'm nervous, but also confident it was the right thing to do.'

Simon continued, keeping his cards close to his chest, 'It is really important to me that I've got people who I can trust in terms of their expertise and their gut feeling. It is also important to have people who are very competitive with each other...It also helps if they are cute.' Oh dear, that rules poor Louis out then.

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