US X Factor auditions kick off

The auditions for US X Factor finally kicked off yesterday, in a hail of paparrazzi flashes, smug Simon moments, and a lot of whispered 'Who are they?' of Cheryl Cole, and host Steve Jones.

Cheryl seemed unfazed that fellow judge LA Reid claimed to have never heard of her, telling the press, 'I quite like it, it means I feel really challenged. I have so much respect for LA Reid. I've always admired him, so it's great for me. It's one of those moments where you don't know what to say or how to feel.'

The Geordie celeb was hopeful that the Yanks won't be put off by her inpenetrable accent, saying, 'I'm hoping people are going to embrace it. I'm not worried (about my accent). It's going to be interesting. I hear a lot of accents here too. I'm sure there will be words or phases where people are like, excuse me?'

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