US X Factor ask Chezza to return

In a tedious sensational twist in the Cheryl Cole sacking saga, head honchos at Fox have decided to hand back Chezza her judging position on US X Factor. Cole has 24 hours to decide whether to accept, but if she doesn't, there are rumours that canny finance types will argue that the Geordie star is in breach of contract.

Cheryl's friend told The Daily Mail that producers are treating Cole badly, ‘The fact is that they did fire Cheryl. She’s now been offered her job back, but they have messed her around completely. She is debating what to do.’

The chatty pal continued, 'They're hoping it's a no-show so they don't have to pay her. But that plan falls flat when you look at the fact of the matter - that she's already been fired. There was a meeting attended by Cheryl where it was made clear it wasn't working. Then there are emails and messages to the same effect.'

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