Uri Geller makes Jacko's list

Michael Jackson’s former manager has revealed that the King of Pop had a list of enemies, on which he had scribbled the name of spoon-bending one trick pony Uri Geller. Seems like he wasn’t as mad as he was made out to be.

Dieter Wiesner had to write down the list of pretty predictable names as Jackson reeled them off. On the list alongside Geller is the reason he fell out with Jackson, Martin Bashir.

‘I fell out with Michael Jackson a few times,’ Geller told Channel Four news. ‘I don't blame him for not talking to me because I unfortunately introduced him to Martin Bashir.’

Elsewhere on the list are District Attorney Tom Sneddon and lawyer Gloria Allred, who were behind his child molestation charges and questions about the safety of his kids, record exec Tommy Mattola for a record deal dispute and Janet Arvizo, who accused him of molesting her son Gavin when he was 13.

‘Sometimes he was a little bit paranoid,’ said Wiesner. ‘I'd ask him, “Michael, what are you doing?” He said, “These people are after me and they want to destroy my life.”’

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