Unpredictable behaviour

Telly 'medium' Derek Acorah was in the news recently for his shameless planned ‘attempt to contact Michael Jackson through a séance’, much to the embarrassment of actually good magician/Jedi mind tricker Derren Brown. He’s back in the tabloid press again today, but not for contacting JFK through his telly; instead he got rip-roaringly drunk on an aeroplane and caused merry havoc with his inebriated ranting.

During the flight from Alicante to Gatwick the 59-year-old psychic argued with fellow passengers, swore at a woman with a crying baby and capped it off by standing up while the plane came in to land. He did not, however see any ghosts, or connect with the spirit world, which is probably just as well, as he’d no doubt have told one of Satan’s fixers to do one, in the state he was.

‘He had to be told to sit down, then he went really potty,’ said fellow passenger Jenny Hurley to The Sun. ‘He shouted, “F*** Gatwick! What's England got going for it anyway?”

‘He didn't seem to know where he was - and appeared drunk even before the plane took off. He started quarrelling with his wife in the row behind me, swearing and shouting. She wasn't pleased at him leering at a stewardess. When a child started crying he shouted, 'Is that your f****** baby?’ All class, that man.

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