Unleash-a Dixon

Looking more like Fred Flintstone than dazzling musical beauty, Alesha Dixon took the opportunity last night to garner some attention for her forthcoming album release by getting into a slanging match outside Movida nightclub in London, the Metro Onlineinforms us.

Dressed in an a-symmetrical leopard-skin print dress, the former Mystique MC and 'Boy Does Nothing' singer got into an argument with fellow revellers outside the club, and was seen to be effing and blinding furiously.

'Events took a turn for the worse though when some of Alesha’s male friends were forced to step in to try and calm things down', some of them physically restraining her from wading in with a few french-manicured punches.

She may have the physicality of a top-notch ball-room dancer, but she's certainly got the mouth of an East-end barmaid.

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