'Universal Soldier: Regeneration' Trailer

Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolf Lundgren have teamed up for the first time since their 1992 sci-fi action flick Universal Soldier and Universal Soldier: Regeneration is the name of the somewhat predictable forthcoming movie. It tells the *cough*believable*cough* tale of Van Damme and his team of robotic soldiers on a mission to retake Chernobyl from terrorists and save the planet. Unfortunately for him, old war pal Lundgren stands in his way; cue 90 minutes of big bangs and unnecessary violence.

If you don’t believe us, they’ve even released a teaser trailer to tease us/unintentionally make us laugh. Could it be a contender for worst film of the year, or are we being unfair? Guess we'll have to wait until Feb 2nd 2010 when it’s released STRAIGHT to DVD to make our minds up.

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