United by grief

When it comes to discussing grief for a lost relative, you could find worse people to talk to than people related to gangsters: after all, they’re all pretty used to having loved ones bumped off, and making sure that their black suits and dresses are neatly pressed for all those funerals of slain cousins and associates.

So it’s no surprise that John Travolta managed to bond with the son of former New York mafia kingpin John Gotti, John Gotti JR. Travolta is researching his role as Gotti for new film Gotti: Three Generations and bonded with Gotti JR while talking about the death of his son, Jett. Gotti told him of his dad’s grief at losing his own son Frank at 12 years old.

‘His father lost a son, and I've lost a son, and we discussed that in depth and how painful that is and how painful that was for his father,’ said Travolta in a press conference for the film. ‘To hear what he went through and what his dad went through and the similarities of pain was healing.’

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