Under Walsh's wing

Louis Walsh has announced that he is taking charge of the management of the world’s most irritating double act (yes, worse than Cannon and Ball, or Punt and Dennis) - Jedward. Walsh has wrestled the bad-haired beauts from the control of the official X Factor show management, and will now be looking to make as much money as is humanly possible from them at every turn. Hooray for capitalism!

Walsh mentored the pair on the show, and has now officially put them under his wing, rather than have them go with Modest Management like everyone else who is chosen as one of the 12 finalists on the show. Expect to see them become even more ubiquitous than before: on adverts, reality shows, radio and just about every other medium there is available. There is NO escape.

‘Despite all the doubters, John and Edward proved themselves on The X Factor and I've always been convinced they have a great career ahead of them,’ said Walsh, thinking about all that wonga he’s destined to make. ‘I'm delighted I'll be able to continue to work with them. We're looking into music as well as TV deals but it is too early to give exact details.’

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