Uncle Max's wise words for Jack Tweed

Jade Goody's widower Jack Tweed has not made much of an attempt to play the grieving spouse. Granted, he's been pictured looking solemn by Jade's grave - though he's always thoughtful enough to call the paps just before he leaves the floral tribute. And his laddish partying ways have caught the attention of Max Clifford, PR man for Jade, and keeper of the Goody flame.

Max spoke to the Daily Mail after Jack was cleared of the rape charges: 'I am very pleased for Jack and his family, especially his mum, who I got to know very well when Jade was alive. I hope this will be a lesson for Jack. I warned him about this kind of thing even when Jade was alive. He has become a target for girls looking to make money out of him.'

Jack - consider yourself reprimanded; reform your ways and stop getting up to no Goody.

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