Ulrika Jonsson set for eviction from Celebrity Big Brother

Ulrika Jonsson looks like she will be the first celebrity to evicted in this year's edition of Celebrity Big Brother. The Shooting Stars team captain is set to earn a whopping £175,000 for taking part in the show, so she doesn't seem to worried about getting the boot early on.

This year's edition of the show that brought us the TV highlight of the new millennium back in 2006, i.e. Pete Burns and George Galloway's attempts to convey bewilderment through robotic dancing and Kraftwerk, has so far failed to hit the highs and lows of past editions.

The stand out moment of Celebrity Big Brother so far has been rapper Coolio trying to convince his housemates to forego hot water so they could watch an FA Cup game on the telly. He's only been in the country five minutes and already he's got his priorities sorted out. But here's Pete and George for old times' sake.

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