Oh dear. It was vaguely heartwarming, albeit faintly bizarre, when we heard that Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, daughter of bonkers US politico Sarah Palin, were engaged. After stealing the spotlight from one Barack Obama (not to mention Palin senior) in 2008 when it was revealed they were expecting a baby, Levi and Bristol broke off their engagement not long after the election. Levi then embarked on a not-particularly-edifying year in which he posed nude in PlayGirl and said a slew of fairly horrible things about his baby's grandmother. (Who may well have done a lot of horrible things.)

So it was weird, but vaguely pleasing, to hear that Bristol and Levi had reunited. Except, now, maybe they're not. The National Enquirer - which people take pretty seriously these days after it broke the news of John Edwards' affair - reported this week that Johnston's ex, Lanesia Garcia, is pregnant and Johnston could be the father.

A Palin family spokesperson then told celeb site Radar that Bristol hasn't decided whether to stay with Johnston - and that right now, the couple are only communicating by text message.

Can't help but feel Levi Johnston should have, well, kept his Johnston in his Levi's...

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