Tyra Banks: Ministry of Funny Smiles

It's not often a supermodel gives rise to the laugh out louds, but Tyra Banks' take on how to pose for the camera does just that. The former supermodel made a hilarious video for the New York Times last year in which she took viewers through her full arsenal of modelling smiles. Well now she's elaborated on that chucklefest with a follow up interview in the Times. It's funny.

• The Flirting-With-a-Man Smile: “Turn your shoulder to your man, move your face down, and use a sound effect, a little hmmmmmmmmm.” (That “hmmmmmmm” is more of a cat purring than a “What should I have for lunch today? Hmmmmm,” obviously.)

• The Surprise Smile: “We’re not smiling like the surprise is real — it’s not ‘OMG, are you serious?’ It’s a hand to the cheek, and a gasp. Remember, the surprise isn’t like, swine flu or an unexpected breakup; it’s more of a “I forgot my contacts at home!”

• The Catalogue Smile: This is the smile that sells J.Crew sweaters. “Put the left foot forward, and turn your head ahead as if there’s wind whipping you that way, and smile with your hand on your head and parted teeth. So walk forward with your hand on your right cheek, and step with your left foot, so your booty sticks out.” She then suggests you add a dainty “ahhhh” as a sound effect. Still following?

• The Angry Smile: Save this one for “bitches". You move a hand to your hip, look forward, “dip that booty to the right,” and let your face say “Okay, okay, okay, uh-huh.” This actually make sense in person.

• The Smile With the Eyes ©: “This is crucial,” she said. “It’s on magazine covers, it sells perfume, it sells shoes.” Tyra recommends pulling your shoulders down, facing forward, pretending there’s a string pulling your head up and that a dentist shot you in the mouth with Novocain. "It’s almost like you’re in Star Trek.”

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