Two's company

When it comes to lacking self-awareness, you can’t beat a celebrity (by which we mean someone who isn’t famous for any reason other than a talent for getting themselves in the papers). In a crowded field of people with staggering egos and an inability to listen to criticism, few people seem to marry the sheer cold-heartedness to say literally anything as long as it generates headlines with a victim complex, like Katie Price. She’s just been published as claiming that there were three people in her marriage to Peter Andre, with the third party being their manager Claire Powell.

‘The trouble is, before, I felt married to two people - Pete and our management,’ she told Now Magazine, knowing full well that letting the management into every orifice of her life was her idea. ‘And it was like Pete was married to two women, Claire and me. And it just suffocated me. If I'm going to blame anyone for the end of my relationship with Pete, I'd have to lay some of the blame with Claire.’

Apparently she has also inferred that the Powell and Andre were having an affair, but there’s precious little of that in what she said above. However, Powell, is not very happy about Price’s comments, especially given that she was the one that helped Price become a multi-millionairess, instead of a topless model still appearing The Daily Star.

‘This is a total lie,’ she said. ‘I'm seeing my lawyers now. No one can take what she says seriously. She has to find someone to blame for the marriage break-up. I am not that person.’ Celebrities, eh?

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