Two of a different kind


There have been some odd celebs couples - Amanda Holden and Les Dennis for one [insert joke about her credentials for being a Britain’s Got Talent judge here] - but is there anything more random than quick witted broadcaster Charlie Brooker getting it on with the longest running Blue Peter presenter of all time, Konnie Huq ? And when we say getting it on, we mean getting married. Yes, the whole shebang.

According to reports, the pair went on a recent holiday to Las Vegas where they intended to tie the knot. However, due to Huq’s appointment as the new Xtra Factor presenter, their nuptials have been put on hold. The Mirror say they met when Huq appeared on Brooker’s TV show Screenwipe two years ago and got romantically involved only last year. They also quoted a ‘source' as saying, ‘they are so happy together and very much in love. They got engaged a couple of weeks ago but wanted to keep it quiet.’

Considering both of them regularly shun the showbiz life for a night in front of the telly, we think they make the perfect little duo. Plus, whoever Charlie Brooker ended up with would seem slightly odd at first (he's always so grumpy) - at least this has got more chance of lasting than the Lib/Con coalition. Ha, satire! You can use that one Charlie.

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