Two men arrested on suspicion of planning to kidnap and murder Justin Bieber

41 years old Mark Staake from Albuquerque (New Mexico) has briefy appeared in court together with his 23 years old nephew Tanner Ruane, in connection with a quite macabre kidnap and murder plot targeting pop heartthrob Justin Bieber. And we are not talking about some delusional fan's amatourish revenge attempt for not replying to love letters: these two are professionals and when they got caught they were already geared up and ready for action.

They were hired to castrate and murder the singer by convicted felon Dana Martin - a serial killer currently serving life on rape and murder charges - who, after meeting Staake in Las Cruces prison in New Mexico, convinced him to get involved with the gruesome plan. Apparently the reward offered was of $ 5,000: $ 2,500 for each of Justin Bieber’s testicles, to be exact. Staake recruited his nephew, and the two headed towards New York in occasion of Justin Bieber's November Madison Square Garden concert, with a thirst for blood and a pair of hedge clippers.

They were hoping to get to the superstar and kill both him and his bodyguard so Dana Martin - who, by the way, sports a Justin Bieber tattoo on his leg - could gain global celebrity from behind bars and become one of the world's most notorious inmates. Something went wrong and, when the serial killer started complaining on the phone about the murder plot not going as planned, he was intercepted by the police.

Shortly after, Staake and his nephew were arrested in Vermont and they are currently waiting to be extradited back to New Mexico where they are facing a lengthy stay in prison. After the arrest, Investigator Clinton Norris of New Mexico police, quoting a recording of a conversation between Ruane and Martin, said that the younger kidnapper's intention was most definitely "to go snip, snip" on the singer, referring to Ruane's role as the criminal operation's official castrator.

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