Two for the price of one

She always has to do that little bit extra, doesn’t she? Yup, super-diva Jennifer Lopez, not happy to be lumped in with the other Hollywood stars to recently become mothers, will be giving birth to twins.

Her father let the information slip on Spanish language TV show Escandalo. Mr Lopez said: “It's twins. The thing is in my family, my sister also had twins, so it's a hereditary thing.” Rumours of twins have been flying around for quite some time now, especially as J Lo is looking like LAAARRGE!

There are even rumours as to the names of the babies. J Lo’s parents were spotted buying bracelets engraved with the names Max and Emme. Jennifer’s dad added: "In Puerto Rico, it's custom to buy an azabache [jet-black stone] bracelet for babies to protect them from the evil eye, it's part of our culture."

So there you have it. It looks like there are to be two assaults on the music/acting scene in about 18 years time…

(Image: from YouTube)

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