'Two down, one to go'

The Price-Reid's have yet to officially call time on their ill-fated union, and already Katie is looking forward to meeting her third hubby, leaving poor Alex to move back in with his mum. Don't worry Alex, the recruiting rounds for next year's 'I'm a celeb' and 'Strictly' start soon!

Guests at a hotel where Price recently stayed, told The Sun that the busty millionairess was boasting about ditching Reid for her next husband, 'We asked Katie if it was true she was getting a divorce. She was completely blasé about it and just said she was looking forward to the third husband, as long as he could give her another child. It was a cynical and cruel thing to say.'

While Alex's friend told the tabloids, 'He just feels blown apart but is also really angry. He feels he is being used as some emotional experiment.'

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