Twitty twitty Winehouse

When will celebs learn? Twitter can bite you in the bum if you've had a few shandies and decide to take to the keyboard - especially if you come out with the sort of suspect verbiage that Amy Winehouse does...

The singer has had a tempestuous relationship with social networking. She once set up a Facebook page pretending to be a cat. She then used her FB page to post naked pics of Blake and to communicate with him while he was inside. Well, her latest tweets are even more incomprehensible: the ballet shoe afficionado wants driving lessons. She really really wants driving lessons. If she doesn't get them she might do something with a machete. More bizarrely, she wants help from someone called Auntie Reen. She tweets:

'I WANT. DRIVING LESSONS..an machete BUT.IWANT.DRIVING.LESSONS.MORE. I NEEEEEEEEEED DRIVING LESSONS..an machete BUT.I WANT.DRIVING.LESSONS.MORE auntie rene i'll pay, you jus come' long fo' craziness. auntie rene, come help me it'll be me an violetta. i kkkkknow i've misssed the point of this but. but this this this this this this this.'

Right you are Amy. Calling all driving instructors: be afraid, be very afraid...

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