Twitter hacker threatens to release Katie Hopkins sex tape

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Katie Hopkins is not having the best of days after her Twitter account was hacked. The electronic intrusion saw all of her previous tweets deleted as well as a threat to release a sex tape featuring the opinionated celebrity.

The hacker threatened to release a sex tape featuring the opinionated celebrity if enough retweets were garnered saying "new sex tape by katie hopkins in her email - 200 rts and we'll post the link". However, they later posted a link to a pornographic video which featured an overweight male carrying out a sexual act on himself.

The hacker revealed his name to be Phil Olbison and he also unfollowed everybody Hopkins was following bar his own account. Obilson playfully boasted about breaking into the account tweeting "Reply to this tweet with 'Phil Obilson is a God' if you are happy for Katie getting jacked".

The hacker changed her profile picture to a very unbecoming image as well as her Twitter handle to "Jiggly jaws Katie". Hopkins has since regained full control of her account and one of her first action was to retweet a message of support which read "@KTHopkins loving My Fat Story on @tlc_uk. Makes me hungry though. Your cool Katie **** the haters hun."

Some people feel that they are indebted to the hacker after all of Hopkins' previous 35,000 plus tweets were wiped from the web. One tweet that captured people's general mood regarding the affair came from David Schneider who posted "Katie Hopkins traumatised after Twitter hacking: "It was awful! What if they'd posted tweets that were pleasant and not publicity seeking?"

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