Twits on Twitter

Robbie Williams in a fluffy pink romper suit is our personal favourite. Of course, that's closely followed by - in no particular order - Katy Perry in a bath with a half eaten pizza covering her privates, Paris Hilton groping a camel, Samantha Ronson grinding an axe, Tiger Woods and MC Hammer out on the razzle-dazzle and, of course - Courtney Love with a tortoise on her head. Yes, that's right, a tortoise. Something makes us think that's pretty standard fare for the Hole singer, nay, even tame....

The images aren't the product of a talented PhotoShopper with too much time on their hands but the top 50 celebrity Twitter snaps, courtesy of The Sun. You know when celebrities harp on about paparazzi intrusion? Forget it. This is self promotion at its insane best/worst (delete where applicable).

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