Twins peaked?

It couldn’t last, could it? Bleedin’ Jedward and their X Factor nonsense was all very well and good for a while, but once the lights went down on the talent show, what else was there? No actual talent, that’s for sure. So now, after all the hype of Louis Walsh taking them on and getting them a deal with Sony, said record company have dropped the gurning gruesome twosome, citing them as a ‘novelty act’. Well, duh.

‘We tried our best to make the lads credible recording artists but punters just weren't that bothered. They are great lads but haven't got the greatest voices, so they're something to see rather than listen to.

‘Record companies are going through major upheaval so we have to be very careful what we throw our weight behind. I'm sure Jedward will be able to make a buck touring as a novelty act.’

Ouch. Never mind boys, your svengali Walsh is still hard at it, looking for another deal and trying to put a brave face on some pretty humiliating comments: ‘The boys have a sell-out tour in Ireland straight after The X Factor tour in April and I'm in talks with a major record label about a new deal for them.’ Good luck with that.

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