Twinkle twinkle little star

We're not sure why but we're surprised by the news that Simon Cowell listens to Justin Bieber in bed (not literally, like on his Ipod). According to a quote from cyberspace, the darklord of pop nods off to the sound of the teenage Twitterprince every single night. For some reason we had Cowell down as a Radio Two man.

After his performance on this week's X Factor, The Biebmeister tweeted: 'X Factor we had fun. Simon told me he listens to my CD every night before he goes to bed.'

That's a scary mental image. But sorry Justin, we suspect Simon might be buttering up another young cash cow with a bit of a white lie. If he listens to a whole Bieber album before hitting the land of nod, we'll never watch X Factor again. Aaaaargh. Simon? Where are Wikileaks when you need them...

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