Twilight fans out in force for premiere

Reconciled Twilight couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson enjoyed a warm reception from fans when they attended the London premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, the final instalment of the teen vampire saga.

After some of the vitriol that had been posted on fans’ forums during the stars' summer estrangement, there had been concern about the reception Stewart would receive during her promotional duties.

They needn’t have worried. Stewart was given a warm welcome as she and Pattinson took the time to chat with fans, sign pictures and pose for snaps. "We’ve always felt so supported, it’s made us fearless," Stewart told Sky News. She said that the huge turnout of fans was testimony to the devotion inspired by Stephanie Meyer’s books and the film adaptations. More than a thousand Twihards, as fans call themselves, had camped out all night to await the stars’ appearance.

Pattinson and Stewart aside, it wasn’t exactly an A-list premiere. The usual rentamob from reality show The Only Way Is Essex flashed the flesh for the paparazzi and Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton was also in attendance in the latest part of her tireless campaign to turn her sporting success into celebrity status, but otherwise the celeb quota was disappointing.

Pattinson appears to be tiring of the relentless Twilight promotional circuit. "Knowing we have to go to London and then to Madrid is so annoying," he had said at the LA premiere. While Stewart made an effort with a Gothic lace bodice and trousers ensemble, Pattinson dressed in a dull jacket and black tie, as if he was attending a funeral.

The critics have not been overly impressed by the latest instalment of the saga. Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian was less than enthusiastic, writing that, "Once again, the vampire family do a lot of their signature standing around, as if posing for a Boden catalogue of the Undead."

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