Tweet attack!

Piers Morgan has had a pop at Stephen Fry for his boring Tweets, telling everyone who follows the king of the Twitterati on the social time wasting site to ‘get a life.’

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the slimy journo turned telly greaseball called Fry’s updates on his life ‘unutterably tedious’. (Er, Piers, have you ever actually read them?) Us neither.

‘The Twitter world is working itself into a right old lather about my assault on their hero, Stephen Fry, insisting his Tweets are not boring at all, but are in fact at the very cutting edge of sharp humour and brilliant intelligence’ said Morgan.

‘Curious to see if I had misunderstood Mr Fry's genius, I took another look at this week's offerings.’

Piers gave an example of a classic Fry Tweet: 'A pleasingly quiet day. Well now dash it if the sun's come out, making a mockery of my layers, waterproofs and brolly. Tish. There is no sound on this Earth that promises pleasure so thrillingly as the Dr Who theme tune - tingle.'

‘Honestly, I'm not making this up. This is the kind of incomprehensibly dull drivel that Fry Tweets all day long. And there are now, unbelievably, over one million people 'following' him. What is the matter with you all? Get. A. Life.’

Get. A. Life? Ah, the irony. We love you Stephen, even if your Tweets are horribly dull.

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